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The Minimalist x Take 5 with RIIKKA KANTINKOSKI


Riikka Kantinkoski is the 32 year old photographer and designer from Finland behind RK Design. Her collection includes some of our most iconic, best selling posters, trivets and cutting boards. We took a minute with Riikka to get to know her a little better.
You in 3 words?  Too many projects!

Your design philosophy? At it´s best design to me is simple and it combines both the spirit of the time and timelessness. That is something I want to bring to my own work too and hopefully it shows. I want to make people happy and not to take their lives too seriously.

You are at your most creative when…?  I´ve had a good sleep at night and I´m drinking my morning coffee. Then I can start planning ect.

What is inspiring you right now? Raw materials, 90´s, dip dyeing, colour that usually don´t mix well, and also hand drawn black and white pictures.

Any special projects on the go? Well there is a DIY -book coming on next year that I have been working on almoust year now with my dear frien Susanna Vento.  I´m also working on one textile project but I will tell about that later.

What is the one thing you would love to change about your home? I like it here when it´s clean so maybe I should have a cleaning lady. (joke, I would never afford one)

Do you have any of your designs in your home? I use my cuttingboards, trivets and trays. I also have some posters, but i like to change those alot.

Best design purchase? We don´t have any expensive design at home but we did get old LOKKI valaisin from my husbands parents and I have always loved it.


The Minimalist x Tiger says Meow print styled


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