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The Minimalist Store x Snowpuppe origami pendant light shades The Minimalist Store x Snowpuppe origami pendant light shades


Available in store now in two different shapes and a variety of colours including pink, yellow, grey and white / Folded by hand from a single piece of card / FSC certified paper / 18 cm high x 28 cm diameter / Fitting included / Max 11 watt bulb / Designed and made by hand in Holland

This pendant has an angular exterior and curved interior. The arc is something you do not expect. Just like when you first open a chestnut and find the inside very smooth and round. While the exterior is actually very prickly and the angular and curved folds play with the light. The lampshades are perfect for use with energy-saving lightbulbs because the lampshades make the light warmer, more natural and cosy. The coloured paper has a stunning colouring effect on the light.

This lamp is folded by hand from one piece of special FSC certified Butterfly paper, which lasts for years and years.


They can be easily cleaned by either using a feather-duster, blowing dust off or by using a vacuum cleaner at low power.


All lamp shades are delivered with an E27 porcelain socket, textile cord of 1.5 metre length and installation instructions.


These lampshades are for use with an energy-saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb only. Found in any supermarket. Maximum 11 watt bulbs only.


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